Trump’s Entire Presidency Is Hinging On Whether Republican Keep The House

September 24, 2018

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

By Bruce Stanford (@brhstanford)

Yes, for President Trump it’s imperative that Republicans keep the House in this years midterm election.

If you can’t see why, just look at what’s happening to Brett Kavanaugh right this moment.

If the Democrats take the House, they will be able to attack President Trump in the same way they are attacking Kavanaugh. With the power of the House behind them, they will be able to subpoena Trump, whether its justified or not, and make Trump’s presidency a nightmare for Republicans. They will not back down on Trump either. They’ve already managed to promulgate an entire investigation into Trump’s campaign and personal lives without even holding a single branch of the federal government. Imagine what capacity the Democrats will take their mission too with the House.

Here are the three main reasons why Trump can’t afford to lose the House

  1. The Democrats will be granted subpoena power
  2. Trump will never be able to finish his agenda
  3. Trump will likely be impeached

The first reason is simple, and we’ve seen it before. In the 1990’s the Republicans took over the House and began to investigate Bill Clinton viciously. They used their subpoena power to find anything they could to use as an excuse to dislodge Clinton. Now, imagine Adam Schiff (D-CA) taking over as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee- which¬†will¬†happen if the Democrats win. Schiff is already licking his chops to subpoena Trump and his entire family. With the subpoena power Schiff will be give as Chairman, he will go after every single aspect of Trump’s life, his kids lives, and any business associate of Trump’s, from birth to present day until Schiff finds something he can to take down President Trump. This will be Democrat’s revenge for what Republicans did to Bill Clinton in the 90s. This is a nightmare scenario for Trump.

Here’s what will happen next: the Democrats will purposely hold back Schiff’s deadliest information that he finds on Trump until just before the 2020 Presidential Election. Remember how the Democrats waited until just before the Kavanaugh vote to release the sexual assault information? They will do the exact same thing with Trump in 2020. Schiff and Pelosi will likely, based on their previous tactics, wait until just before November 2020 to drop their best stuff. They will do everything possible to make Trump look like the most scandal-plagued president of all time, just before the 2020 election. The worst part for Trump- there’s absolutely nothing he can do about it.

Finally, the last major problem for Trump if the Democrats take the House is that he will never be able to pass his agenda. The Democrats will never allow him to pass any items. Thus, Trump will go into 2020 having only passed a business tax cut package, without any Obamacare repeal or immigration reform. That likely won’t play well for Trump’s base. It will be very easy to paint Trump as not a true populist-nationalist if he only was able to pass tax cuts but none of his immigration agenda.

President Trump may not realize it, but his entire presidency, agenda, and 2020 chances are hinging on whether Democrats take the House of Representatives this fall. If Trump realized these ramifications, he would be campaigning twice a day, every day until the midterms. President Trump must hold the House to avoid a nightmare scenario which likely leads to impeachment. Which, by the way, may not even be for anything related to Russia at all. At that point, Schiff will just look for anything and anything at all that he can find on Trump. All they need is the House and subpoena power. Trump should realize this and start campaigning harder, immediately.