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What’s next for Etholytics?

December 27, 2018

Many of you who followed us during the 2018 election cycle are probably wondering why we haven’t updated our content or polling since the November 6 election.

This is because we are rebuilding the site currently for the 2020 election cycle.

This will include analytics on:
-2020 Democrat Primaries by States
-2020 Democrat Primary Nationally
-2020 Presidential General Election
-2020 US Senate
-2020 US House
-2020 US Governors
-Other new features included as well

We are planning on opening much more of this content to non-subscribers for the 2020 election cycle than we did in 2018, allowing more users to access to our content.

Etholytics is happy to be the most accurate Senate map in the 2018 cycle, projecting 32/33 of the Senate races accurately- including nailing the Florida Senate result perfectly (Scott+0.2%) when hardly any other team even had Rick Scott winning at all.

Nevertheless, we will continue to build off the 2018 midterm analytics to create even more accurate projections for 2020. Stay tuned over the next several months for our revamped site with new features.